Friday, December 30, 2011

Desi the BRAVE

Hey everyone, sorry My Mom hasn't blogged in a loooong time. She has been very busy. Today she asked if Desi could use the Blog to tell the world something. I said if it helps him get his own home go for it. Don't get me wrong he is a great dog I just don't like sharing my frisbee time with him. (he likes to chase me)

To all my friends and especially anyone looking for the greatest friend ever!! I have been very busy working on being a brave dog. My bio states that I am a special needs dog. I want to let people know that what I need is a patient and loving family. In return I will give you more love then you can imagine. My foster Mom and I had a long talk the other day. I was wondering why nobody was asking about me. She told me that once I could show how much I have worked on being brave my forever family would find me.

Yesterday Gavin came to visit my foster family. He was kinda scary at first but as the day went on I realized that he wasn't so scary. All the other dogs really like him so he must be o.k.

He was at the house this morning and I decided to be as brave as I could and I walked up to him and let him pet me. I thought my foster Mom would cry.

It wasn't so bad, in fact I went back again and this time he had treats.

Then I had to take a break and then I went back for some more pets!!!!

So to the world I am ready for a forever family to help me become an even braver boy

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Desi (the Desirable) and the BRAVE

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